Shower Toilet

Shower toilets have long been viewed as the preferred choice of premium toilet.

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A shower toilet is a combination of a traditional toilet and a bidet that allows you to take a seated position, finishing with a hygienic shower clean. 

It is a type of toilet that has actually been around for over 50 years in overseas markets but are now just starting to find its way into more and more New Zealand homes.  

Shower toilets are probably the most technologically advanced toilets available today offering a wide array of advantages and benefits. They improve personal hygiene and cleanliness, offer greater comfort and have an extensive range of unique features that few can match. 

Some such features include heated seats, massage sprays, driers, deodorisers, dual and self-cleaning nozzles, anti-bacterial protection, adjustable pressure, night lights and more. This shows just how advanced shower toilets can be and the superior experience they offer.

We have some of the finest shower toilets currently available from leading brands in bathroom products like American Standard and Grohe. If you’re after the best of the very best, you’ll find nothing beats a high-quality shower toilet in the modern bathroom environment. 

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