Back to Wall Pan

Back to wall pans are the contemporary choice for the modern-day bathroom, effortlessly stylish with great space-saving traits. 

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The latter quality has widely seen them become the default choice for en-suites and apartment dwellings, supported by in-wall cisterns that keep visual distractions to a minimum. 

They are also great for larger sized bathrooms that are stylistically minimalist in nature. Their smooth lines and concealed plumbing enables them to seamlessly blend into whatever environment they’re in. 

Their simple designs are easy on the eye and easy to clean and maintain with no curved piping to wipe over. Many people also find the back to wall pan offers a more comfortable seating experience giving you another reason to seriously consider them as an option for your new bathroom.

We have a number of back to wall pans available from internationally renowned brands like American Standard, ArtCeram and Parisi. The subtle differences in design are varied enough to suit a range of styles with full specifications available with each product. If you’ve any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.