Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are one of the newest and most exciting types of toilets in the market today. 

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Its ingenious design has found popularity among designers, business decision-makers and homeowners coming with a long list of advantages and benefits. Manufacturers far and wide have embraced this, offering many variations of the rimless toilet for their customers to choose from.

One of the big appeals of the rimless toilet has to do with hygiene. By removing the rim of the toilet, germs and bacteria don’t have the same hard-to-reach areas where they would normally thrive in a standard toilet. This makes them much easier to clean with less time and cleaning product needed to do so.

They are also much more water-efficient, using less water per flush making it a better choice for the environment. Last, but by no means least, they are stylish with their seamless lines adding a sense of sophistication that is easy on the eye.

Our range of rimless toilets includes products from world-leading brands like American Standard, ArtCeram, Elementi and Parisi. Each product comes packed with additional features including soft-close seats, innovative flushing systems, high-quality materials and more. 

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