Tec Granite Sinks

Sunday 01 February 2015
Tec Granite Sinks

Designed to combine hard-working performance with stunning good looks and natural textures of granite including real quartz silica particles. All Bagno Tech Granite sinks are designed to offer ultimate material performance, yet are easy to clean and are resistant to nearly all household chemicals.

Resistance to Thermal Shock:
Bagno Tec Granite sinks are designed and
tested to withstand repeated cycles of hot and
cold liquids without effect.

Impact and Scratch Resistant:
Bagno Tec Granite sinks are designed to resist everyday knocks and bumps in the most hectic kitchen, without chipping or marking. This ensures that the finish of the sink and the
cleaning benefits that go with it remain for the products life span.

Resistance to Chemicals:
Bagno Tec Granite has an innovative, molecular structure that ensures all sinks are resistant to most commonly used household chemicals.

Resistance to Stains:
The low material porosity denies staining agents the opportunity to penetrate the surface. Even the worst stains such as red wine and beetroot are easily wiped away with a cloth.

Water and Light Resistance:
Bagno Tec Granite has been screened by world renowned colour laboratories – to ensure that
Bagno Tec Granite sinks will not discolour in direct sunlight or water whiten over time.