Keeping your bathroom vanity clutter-free – top 5 tips

Friday 19 May 2017
Keeping your bathroom vanity clutter-free – top 5 tips

So…you’ve invested in a beautiful new bathroom vanity unit for your lovely new bathroom. That’s great news but how do you plan to keep it clutter free? We’ve all seen those bathroom vanities with absolutely no clear space at all and we don’t want that to happen to you. It’s so easily done. At first, everything has its own home, neatly stacked away in the cupboard or drawers but how long until your vanity is messy and untidy?

Here are some simple tips to keep your bathroom vanity clutter-free…forever!

Clean out all your junk

Whether you have invested in a new bathroom vanity or you have simply come to the end of your tether with the permanent mess, it’s time to clean out the junk. We’re all guilty of it. Men, women and children alike. Why do we still have 13 tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner from that Emirates flight bag? Do you really need two hairdryers (just in case one blows up!)? And what about that blue nail varnish that you never wear? It’s easy to collect clutter, especially the stuff that you have paid good money for but there is a big question to ask yourself as you clear out your bathroom vanity: when was the last time I used this? If the answer is ‘over a month ago’, it’s time for it to go.

Once you have cleared out all the junk, it’s going to be much easier to organise and arrange your bathroom vanity and keep it clean and tidy.

Separate your products

This one all boils down to the household. You may want to separate your bathroom products into his/hers/kids or you may want to go a lot more detailed than that and have separate areas for each individual element; hair car, nail care, makeup, dental, appliances, shaving kit etc. However you do it, try and come up with a system that makes it easier for you to find your products quickly when you most need them. Remembering that all your hair care products are grouped together in the second drawer down can help to stop you from leaving everything on top of the bathroom vanity.

Find a home for everything

Once you have your groups of products, it will be easier to see how much you have and therefore where is the best space to put it all. The smaller groups of products can be put in drawers whereas the bigger items may be best in the cupboard under the sink. This will of course also depend on your vanity unit. Some have a cupboard and drawers, some have drawers only and others have cupboards only. However your bathroom vanity is organised, make sure you make the best use of the space.

Invest in some organisers

This is probably the best tip we can give you. No matter what space you have; drawers, cupboard or a combination, inserting organisers into those spaces is the best way of keeping everything neat and tidy and in its home. We have found that metal basket with dividers work extremely well. These can be slotted into drawers (big and small) or places in cupboards. This allows you to keep all your products separate within the drawer or cupboard and gives you much easier access to anything you might need.

Keep the vanity top clear

Whilst there are some exceptions, it is always highly rewarding to keep that bathroom vanity top completely clear. You will most likely want to have a nice soap dispenser on the top so you and your guests can wash your hands but it is important to keep the space clutter free to truly free up your bathroom vanity. Some people choose to leave their toothbrush and toothpaste on the unit (mainly for easy charging) and this is ok, however little things that start to creep on there can soon become unmanageable. We love to see a nice vase with fresh flowers (where space permits). Whilst this is something that is placed on the vanity top, it actually helps to reduce clutter and adds a nice finish to your bathroom. We’ve seen some clever uses of shelves and containers to help to keep the bathroom vanity top clear and that’s great. Anything that takes things off the surface helps to de-clutter the space and leads to a much tidier and ‘clean’ finish to your bathroom.

We hope this tips work for you. Showcasing your beautiful bathroom vanity will not only impress your guests but also leave you feeling much happier every time you visit your bathroom.

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