Getting the right tapware for your bathroom or workplace

Thursday 01 January 1970
Getting the right tapware for your bathroom or workplace

Whilst we often regards them as an everyday object, tapware is an extremely important element in any bathroom, kitchen or workplace. Their functionality is undoubtedly important; there are a wide range of different tap types out there and it’s important to select the right type, but for us what really matters is the style. Tapware and mixers can take what is quite a plain and simple bathroom or kitchen and elevate it to the next level. It’s one of those ‘small detail’ items that can really make your space stand out so the next time you come to wash your hands or the dishes, take a closer look at the taps and whether bring the space to life.

With so many different taps and mixers to choose from, we wanted to run through the different types and let you know some of our most popular to help give you some ideas for adding the finishing touches to your bathroom or kitchen.

One Tap Hole Basin Mixers

As the name suggests, these taps are designed for basins with just a single tap hole, usually located centrally within the basin. These taps usually feature a swivel head, allowing you to switch between hot and cold water and come in a variety of designs and finishes. In New Zealand, these are one of the most common types of taps found in bathroom and kitchens. Here are three of our most popular single tap hole mixer taps:

  1. Eurosmart Basin Mixer
  2. Uno Basin Mixer
  3. Origins Basin Mixer

Three Tap Hole Basin Mixers

Whilst two tap hole basins do still exist, they tend to be few and far between so we move straight to three tap hole basins. These feature a separate hot and cold tap and a mixer which can be either fixed position or swivel. These are another hugely popular type of tap in New Zealand and come in many different styles which allow you to really create a beautiful design in your bathroom or kitchen. You will see the three examples we have shown below all have a very different style, from the contemporary to the classic but a consistent feature is the clean and crisp finish to these taps:

  1. Melange 3TH Basin Mixer
  2. Bellagio 3TH Lever Basin Mixer
  3. Europlus 3TH Basin Mixer 


Extended Height/Vessel Basin Mixers

Whether you need the extra height in the bathroom or the kitchen, these extended height taps really accentuate the look of any basin or bath. Extended height taps come in one or three hole design and a wide variety of styles. Extended height taps are perfect if you want to emphasise a beautiful basin in the bathroom and don’t want to clutter the basin with taps. Simply install an extended height tap directly into the vanity for a clean finish on your basin. The three styles shown below are all very contemporary looking but we do have more ‘vintage’ designs should that be more in keeping with your bathroom design:

  1. Milano Extended Height Basin Mixer
  2. Sophis Extended Height Basin Mixer
  3. Notion Extended Height Basin Mixer 


Wall Mounted Basin Mixers

Another great design if you want a nice clean finish on your basin, these wall mounted basin mixer taps are a great addition to your bathroom design. These can again be used over the basin or bath and create a really nice feature. These are still fairly unique in many Kiwi bathroom designs so still carry some ‘wow’ factor when people see them incorporated into your bathroom design. Again, they come in a variety of styles, however we tend to find more customers going with a contemporary looking style to match their overall bathroom design. Here are three examples:

  1. Essence Wall Mounted Basin Mixer
  2. Sun Wall Mounted Basin Mixer
  3. Photon Wall Mounted Basin Mixer 


Freestanding Basin Mixers

If you are looking for something really unique which will add real ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom design, thee freestanding basin taps are perfect. These are an extremely contemporary design to match with some stunning basin designs. Usually paired as a freestanding basin and tap, make a real feature from your basin and use it as a centrepiece in your bathroom design. We really love the overall effect of these striking freestanding taps and we think you will too. These are our three freestanding taps:

  1. Pan Freestanding Basin Mixer
  2. Soft Freestanding Basin Mixer
  3. Urban Freestanding Basin Mixer 


Infra-red Taps

Typically found in more commercial settings infra-red taps are becoming more popular in homes around New Zealand. Designed to help with hygiene in public bathrooms, these taps are also a great addition to residential bathroom designs. Keep your taps smear free with these ultra-smart infra-red sensor taps which come in a variety of styles from single tap hole to wall mounted. As you would imagine with this modern-day technology, the design of these infra-red taps is more on the contemporary side and fit perfectly in a clean, polished bathroom design. Here are three of our top sellers:

  1. Euroeco Cosmopolitan Infra-Red Basin Mixer
  2. I-Tech Zoon Infra-Red Basin Mixer
  3. I-Tech Zoo Wall Mounted Infra-Red Basin Mixer 


With a huge variety of tap styles and designs available, you can always speak to our expert team to get advice on the best type of tapware for your bathroom or kitchen. Don’t underestimate the value of taps when you are designing your next bathroom or kitchen – they may be a small detail but can often be the difference between ‘this is a lovely bathroom’ and ‘wow, this is an awesome bathroom’.