Buying your next shower our top tips

Monday 07 November 2016
Buying your next shower our top tips

But with so many different shower options, never mind the different designs and styles, it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. The first thing you need to know is which type of shower you need for your bathroom space. At Robertson, we have four different types of traditional shower head plus body jets so this is the first place to start your shower shopping. Here’s a guide to the different types of shower and our top three selling showers in each of the categories:

Slide Shower

Perhaps the most common type of shower found in New Zealand bathrooms, the slide shower typically features a shower head that can be slid up and down a slide column to be adjusted to different heights. You can of course buy replacement hand piece to fit on a slide shower but our range of slide showers all come with the matching head. Here are three of our top selling slide showers:

  1. Splash 3fct Slide Shower (Also available in Black / Brushed Nickel)
  2. Splash 1fct Slide Shower (Also available in Black / Brushed Nickel)
  3. Spray 3fct Slide Shower


Column Shower

Typically a column shower will feature a fixed shower head position but otherwise is very similar to a slide shower. Some column showers also feature a slide shower attachment that can be used for spraying legs and feet as the column shower will pour water straight down from its fixed position. We have some great examples from contemporary to old fashioned to suit any bathroom style and these are three of our top selling column showers:

  1. Splash 3fct Column Shower Rear Inlet (Also available in Black / Brushed Nickel)
  2. Splash 3fct Column Shower Exposed Inlet
  3. Senso 2fct Column Shower


Shower Roses

A shower rose is another fixed position shower which attaches to the wall. These are popular with people who don’t want to see any pipework or a column against their tiles and is typically seen in bathrooms with a decorative tile pattern which can then go almost uninterrupted around a bathroom with just a small shower rose coming out of the wall at the desired height. These are a very neat solution and also great for small bathroom spaces. These are our top three selling shower roses:

  1. Celia Shower Rose
  2. Splash Round 2fct Shower Rose (Also available in Chrome / Brushed Nickel)
  3. Splash Square 1fct Shower Rose


Shower Heads

Showers heads are similar to shower roses in that they are used in bathrooms where people don’t want to see any pipework or the column or a column or slide shower. These are particular great for people with a nice tile design as a shower head will typically be attached to the ceiling and pour water directly down on to you below. These shower heads often feature a large head design which gives you a nice relaxing shower and the feeling of being in a waterfall. The design of these is commonly round or for a more contemporary look, square shower heads are becoming increasingly popular. These are three of our top selling show heads:

  1. Splash Round Shower Head (Also available in Black / Brushed nickel)
  2. Splash Square Shower Head (Also available in Black / Brushed nickel)
  3. Tempesta Cosmopolitan Shower Head


Body Jets

For that all over shower experience, body jets are becoming a more integral part of modern bathroom designs and these jets attach to the wall of the shower area at appropriate heights to offer you another element of relaxation. Often focussed around the upper and lower back areas, body jets are great when used in conjunction with a ceiling fixed shower head for that all over shower experience. Here are three of our top selling body jets:

  1. Rainshower F Series Body Jet
  2. Vado Round Body Jet
  3. Soft Body Jet


Whichever shower style you go for, here at Robertson, we have a great range of showers to suit all styles and all tastes. Be sure to check out our full range of showers and enclosures and if you want more information in the best type of shower for your bathroom, please get in touch and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help.

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