5 Unique Kitchen Taps for 5 Unique Kitchens

Wednesday 15 May 2019

When you’re planning for a new kitchen (or renovating an existing one) choosing your kitchen taps can sometimes catch you off guard. It’s completely understandable given some of the big decisions you have to make with regards to layout, materials, shelving, whiteware etc. Your kitchen taps, however, are extremely important as one of the most used parts of your kitchen so you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice.

To help you with this decision we’ve chosen 5 different kitchen taps for 5 different types of kitchens that will hopefully give you a few ideas and get you on the right track.

1. The Studio Apartment Kitchen

If you’re working with a smaller space, like a studio apartment, you’ll want to make a choice that is practical in an environment where space is at a premium. With this in mind, we recommend something like the Laska Neu Kitchen Mixer from American Standard. With a single mixer that stands at only 137mm high and a spout that extends out to around 200mm, you have one of the most compact kitchen taps on the market. The single mixer also obviously means there’s no need to worry about space for faucets freeing the space around your sink. With a chrome finish, 4 star WELS water efficiency rating and a 10 year guarantee it’s a no fuss, reliable option that will suit essential and immediate needs.

2. The Family Kitchen

The family kitchen is a busy kitchen and requires a versatile set of kitchen taps that can handle frequent day-to-day use while meeting a variety of demands. Again, practicalities are key here especially when you consider that all members of the family, both young and old, will need to be able to use them. Our choice for this is the Ion Kitchen Mixer from Elementi. Standing at 313mm high you’re given plenty of room to work with for tasks that require it, like washing large pots/rinsing vegetables etc. Its intuitive mixer means there’s virtually no learning curve and the 5 Star WELS rating means you’ll be saving as much water as you can throughout the year. It comes with a durable long lasting flawless finish that will withstand all the rigours your family will undoubtedly throw at it. Another great reliable option. 

3. The Chef’s Kitchen

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a pro in the kitchen and would even go as far as to say you’re a chef of considerable standing, you’ll want something that’s equally elite. The K7 Kitchen Mixer from the specialists at Grohe is a great tool with all the functionality and flexibility you’ll need to realise your cooking creations. The K7 is equipped with a 360 degree turnable spring arm and an easy-to-grip spout giving you the ability to work it from almost any angle you need. It also has not one, but two different types of spray functions that can be triggered on the spout when in use. With a 15 year guarantee, it’s been designed and engineered with performance in mind and will give you all the precision you need.

4. The Interior Designer’s Kitchen

If you have creative or artistic sensibilities with a love for the expressive then you should absolutely choose kitchen taps that match those instincts. For this, look no further than the Dock Kitchen Mixer from Elementi. As soon as you see this product you’ll know you’re looking at something special. Its curved lines are the standout aesthetic with a spout that almost takes the shape of a swan. This is further emphasised by the spout’s black matte finish which is a great modern touch. Its frame also has a careful balance of straight and rounded edges, the precision of which could only come from a Designer. It’s a fantastic product as a focal point from which everything else in your kitchen can revolve around. Its easy-to-use pull-down mixer makes it a great practical choice as well.    


5. The Luxury Kitchen

If you’re interested in something in the premium range for the luxurious kitchen then there are some great products to choose from. Our favourite at this point in time has to be the Fairfield Kitchen Mixer from Samuel Heath. These taps epitomise “The Best of British” (given Samuel Heath are a British company) and are a great complement to a kitchen with the finest of furnishings. Inspired by classical influences, the accentuated gooseneck spout really draws the eye and conveys refined extravagance. The accompanying double faucets are also a great nod to classic features that give it added timelessness. It’s a great aesthetic that balances the traditional and contemporary so very well and will do nothing but elevate your kitchen to the level you’re looking for.

Kitchen Tap Options for All

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendations for kitchen taps covering a range of different kitchen situations and environments. Like we said in our introduction, it’s intended to be a starting point that will hopefully inspire you to bigger and better things!