5 Reasons to switch to a freestanding bath

Friday 06 October 2017
5 Reasons to switch to a freestanding bath

A leading light when it comes to freestanding baths is Victoria+Albert. The British owned and operated company has a reputation worldwide for creating beautifully crafted freestanding baths. Here at Robertson we currently stock 14 different styles of freestanding baths from Victoria+Albert and the range continues to grow.

There is a lot to love about freestanding baths. We take a look at five reasons why you should consider switching the next time you renovate your bathroom.

5 reasons to make the move to a freestanding bath

The ‘cool’ factor

Let’s face it. Freestanding baths just look cool. They definitely add to the overall value of a bathroom as they add a point of differentiation. Imagine looking around a series of similar houses when you come across a bathroom which features a freestanding bath. We know which house is going to stick in your mind.

Make your bath a feature

Your bath is so often neglected. It’s a piece of bathroom furniture that gets stuck in the corner and is more function of style. With a freestanding bath, you can flip that on its head. A freestanding bath can really shine and be the star of your bathroom show. Pair it with a freestanding bath column with hand shower and you will truly add some va va voom to your bathroom design.

Create the boutique look

If you are lucky enough to go and stay in fancy boutique hotels, you will have noticed a trend towards freestanding baths. It creates a very boutique feel in the bathroom space and it’s amazing how a soak in a freestanding bath just feels different to a wall attached tub. A freestanding bath has luxurious connotations and it’s now possible to bring that boutique look and feel to your home.

Traditional or contemporary

One of our favourite things about our wide range of freestanding baths is the mix between traditional and contemporary designs. Just looking through the Victoria+Albert collection, they tick all the boxes. From the very traditional quarrycast feet to a more contemporary, rounded style, you can pick a style to suit your bathroom design.

Size matters

Whilst it helps if you have a large bathroom, it’s not a deal breaker anymore. There is a common misconception that freestanding baths take up more space because they are not boxed into the corner of a room. As freestanding bath designs have evolved, they have got much better at making the most of the space. Our smallest Victoria+Albert freestanding bath comes in at just 1,495cm in length which gives you plenty of room to play with.