10 Best Bathroom Designs for Small Space

Monday 25 July 2016
10 Best Bathroom Designs for Small Space

10. Slim Vanities/Basins

The Elementi Slim vanity proves a real space saver. The shorter projection (350MM) of the vanity leaves a larger area in the middle of the room to turn around and use all the facilities with ease. 

Featuring: Elementi Slim Vanities & Elementi Box 270 Wall Basin

9. Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities visually increases the size of the bathroom, giving you the illusion the room is bigger than it actually is.

Featuring: Elementi Tempo Wall Vanity & Elementi Studio Plus Wall Vanity

8. Tile all the way up

Floor to ceiling tiles makes your bathroom feel taller than it actually is.

7. Clear glass on showers

Frosted and textured glass showers can create a barrier within a room, acting as another wall which is not great for small bathrooms so consider using clear glass.

Featuring: Victoria & Albert Mozzano freestanding bathBarcelona Freestanding Basin 

6.  Colour

Paint the ceiling in your bathroom the same colour as the walls. Also try keep everything the same tone. Usually a pale colour will help to create a feeling of space in small bathrooms.

Featuring: Elementi Quadra Wall Vanity & Elementi Box Wall Vanity

5. Robe hooks

Use robe hooks to hang towels. Hooks save on space especially if you don’t have room for a large towel rail.

Featuring: Zucchetti Savoir Robe Hook, Zucchetti Agora Robe Hook, Bagno Design Smooth Robe Hook

4. Mirrors

An obvious choice to create the illusion of depth, mirrors trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is.

Featuring: Elementi Mirror Cabinet & Parisi Envy Mirror

3. Tapware

It can be a good idea to choose smaller tapware when working with smaller spaces, especially when installed on a small vanity/basin.

Featuring: Vado Life Mini Basin Mixer & Vado Photon Mini Basin Mixer

2. Wall hung pans.

With the cistern concealed within the wall a wall hung pan usually has a shorter projection. Similar to a wall hung vanity it makes the room seem bigger and feel less cluttered.

Featuring: Parisi Ellisse Wall hung Pan, Bagno Design Smooth Wall Hung Bidet, Bagno Design Smooth Wall Hung Pan

1. Lighting

Ensure the room has plenty of light. If there is not enough natural light considering brightening up your bathroom with additional lighting.

Featuring: Zucchetti On Tapware & Mixers


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