2 Tap Hole Basin Mixers

2 tap hole basin mixers work by having distinct spaces for the spout and lever and are either wall-mounted or fixed to the countertop.

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2 tap hole basin mixers are less commonly found than their single hole counterparts and are often used when two tap holes exist and a mixer system is preferred. 

Their scarcity, in some ways, is part of their appeal as they immediately create a strong sense of uniqueness which designers and decorators love with more and more taking advantage of the fact.

Stylistically, this distinction is important as it creates two separate entities for the eye. It’s a simpler aesthetic to take in compared to a slightly more busy traditional mixer with its lever attached. This naturally makes them more sophisticated in appearance and arguably more functional too, the separated lever being more accessible without a spout to navigate around.

The range of 2 tap hole basin mixers isn’t as extensive as singles but those that do exist are of the highest quality from brands like Samuel Heath and Zucchetti.KOS. 

A variety of finishes are also available making your final choice all the more special.