Accessible Toilets & Urinals

For those with mobility issues, accessible toilets provide great assistance, improving the usability of toilets for day-to-day living.

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This is not just important for use in the home but is vital for workplaces, healthcare facilities, recreational centres, retirement homes and more.

Accessible toilets need to be of the highest quality, designed and engineered with precision for reliable, long term use.

Accessible toilets aren’t just for those with mobility impairments either. They can be much easier, more practical solutions for people with balance issues, bladder/bowel conditions, general back/joint problems and the elderly. 

A key feature that makes accessible toilets a more viable option is the overheight seat. This allows an individual to take a seated position much easier, enabling them to quickly leave the seat as well. 

Other great features include raised push buttons for easier flushing and single flap seats that work without lids which can otherwise be cumbersome.

We supply a range of high-quality accessible toilets that have been placed in homes, workplaces and other facilities all around New Zealand for years. From leading brands like American Standard and Elementi, you can have full confidence in all our products with specifications and details available on our product pages.