Wall Hung Bidets

Wall hung bidets are a fantastic bidet solution for those looking to create a modern and sophisticated bathroom. 

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Already ever-present in bathrooms in Europe and Asia, wall hung bidets give you the opportunity to elevate your bathroom to the next level both practically and stylistically, with a plethora of advantages and benefits to enjoy.

These practical benefits come with strong environmental credentials, an issue that’s become undeniably important in our day-to-day lives. Bidets use less water than traditional toilets and also require very little toilet paper, the production of which has a significant ecological footprint. 

Stylistically, the wall hung feature creates a visual illusion of space, an invaluable quality in both small and large bathrooms. They are also easier to clean and maintain with less surface area to manage and a floor space that is completely accessible. 

The File Wall Hung Bidet from ArtCeram is a high-quality product, designed and engineered in Italy. Available as both a white and matte white finish, it will add effortless elegance to your bathroom while rewarding you with real-world benefits at the same time. 

Robertson Bathware also stocks wall hung brackets and bolts for wall hung bidets.