Feature Residential/Light Commercial Use
Residential/Light Commercial Use Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Hotels, Motels and Retirement Villages).
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee (Hotel and public spaces warranty is 2 years only. Discolouration and natural pitting is excluded from warranty)
Feature Hand Finished
Hand Finished Each piece is hand crafted & unique
Feature Glass Fibre Reinforced
Glass Fibre Reinforced Glass Fibre Reinforced concrete give much higher flexural and tensile strengths than normal concrete.
Feature Heat + Stain resistant sealer
Heat + Stain resistant sealer All concrete products are sealed with heat and stain resistant sealer which is also highly scratch resistant.
Feature Made in New Zealand
Made in New Zealand Designed & Engineered in New Zealand