Terms & Conditions

Please note that the prices herein:

1. Apply to this project only.

2. Are based on total supply and one delivery or by negotiation.

3. Are based on our standard terms and conditions in regard to delivery, invoicing, returns and payment as per our current price list. Special orders are not returnable and may require an 8-12 week lead time.

4. Are based upon our usual payment terms.

5. This is an estimate only.

6. Should there be any changes to the specification or quantities a revision will be required, as prices and delivery may be affected.

Upon receipt of your formal order and delivery schedule in accordance with the above conditions within 30 days from the date of this estimate we will confirm this estimate as a formal quotation.

After 30 days or if any special arrangements are called for, would you please contact us immediately so that we might provide a more accurate estimate or fixed quotation.

Although this is an estimate we commit to maintaining these prices subject only to recovery of additional costs incurred by us due to manufacturers increases, exchange rate (Exchange rate is determined by reference to the rate of exchange applicable as at the close of business on the day the quote is supplied. Please note that should the NZ$ exchange rate deteriorate from the rate at the time of quotation then Robertson reserve the right to retender the quotation. As soon as a quotation is confirmed with Robertson, then at this point the quotation is fixed and all exchange rate risk becomes Robertson's), alterations or costs associated with any alteration from the standard terms and conditions set out above.

As items on this quote are ordered specifically for this project no items will be accepted for return unless agreed in writing by Robertson NZ Limited. Items that we agree can be returned may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Upon acceptance of this estimate a delivery schedule will be required so that deliveries can be planned and stock allocated for required delivery dates.