Feature Residential/Light Commercial Use
Residential/Light Commercial Use Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Hotels, Motels and Retirement Villages).
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 2 Year Guarantee on seat & remote control
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 20 Year Guarantee on ceramic
Feature Grohe Automatic Cleaning
Grohe Automatic Cleaning Spray arm heads are cleaned before and after each use.
Feature Grohe Massage Spray
Grohe Massage Spray The massage spray allows you to alternate between soft and strong spray strength - for a soothing pulsating massage effect.
Feature Grohe Exchangeable Spray Head
Grohe Exchangeable Spray Head The spray arm can be easily replaced
Feature Grohe Adjustable Spray Pressure
Grohe Adjustable Spray Pressure Your preferred water pressure. From soft and soothing to a forceful spray, pick the power setting that suits you.
Feature Grohe Rear Soft -Spray
Grohe Rear Soft -Spray Warm or cold, strong or gentle, an adjustable spray for precise and ultimate cleaning without getting wet all over. Choose between the powerful rear spray and a soft spray for more gentle cleaning.
Feature Grohe Air Dryer
Grohe Air Dryer After a warm-water shower, the warm-air dryer provides fast and gentle drying.
Feature Grohe Adjustable Water Temperature
Grohe Adjustable Water Temperature Your desired water temperature. Fresh and cool or warming comfort, the temperature of the cleaning spray is up to you.
Feature Grohe Nightlight
Grohe Nightlight The shower toilet is lit by a soft light in the dark to help you find your way
Feature Grohe Automatic Seat Open & Close
Grohe Automatic Seat Open & Close When approaching the toilet, a sensor recognises your presence and the lid and seat open and close automatically.
Feature Grohe Anti-Bacterial Spray Nozzle
Grohe Anti-Bacterial Spray Nozzle Made from 99.9% anti-bacterial material, certified by the SIAA, the spray nozzle stays germ-free at all times.
Feature Grohe Adjustable Shower Arm
Grohe Adjustable Shower Arm Your ideal spray position. Adapt the exact spray arm position for great performance every time.
Feature Grohe Quick Release Seat
Grohe Quick Release Seat A special hinge allows easy removal of the toilet seat for cleaning.
Feature Grohe Remote Control
Grohe Remote Control Access all functions by remote control, comfortably and intuitively.
Feature Grohe AquaCeramics
Grohe AquaCeramics Creates a smooth hydrophillic layer on the ceramic surface that dirt and limescale can't stick to, meaning there are no residues after flushing. Makes your toilet 100 years clean!
Feature Grohe Anti-Bacterial Nozzle Guard
Grohe Anti-Bacterial Nozzle Guard The spray arms are protected behind a removable 99.9% anti-bacterial nozzle guard for total hygiene.
Feature Grohe Oscillating Spray
Grohe Oscillating Spray The spray head moves in a gentle forward and backward motion for an extended cleaning area and extra freshness
Feature Grohe Odour Absorption
Grohe Odour Absorption As soon as you sit down on the seat, odour extraction is activated automatically.
Feature Grohe Rimless Toilet
Grohe Rimless Toilet The rimless toilet bowl allows easier cleaning. No dirt collects on the rim, and the interior of the bowl is clean and bright- without splashing.
Feature Grohe HyperClean
Grohe HyperClean The exceptionally smooth and hardwearing glaze uses silver ions to prevent 99.9% pf bacteria growth, keeping you ceramic sparkling clean and germ-free.
Feature Grohe Power Flush
Grohe Power Flush Strong vortex action creates a high-suction force for an extra-powerful flush, thoroughly cleaning all corners of the toilet bowl.
Feature Grohe Twin Shower Arm
Grohe Twin Shower Arm With one spray arm for the rear spray and a seperate spray arm for the LadyShower, you can be certain that both are perfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.
Feature Grohe Use Profile Memory
Grohe Use Profile Memory You can save different user settings and recall them every time when you use the toilet.
Feature Grohe Unlimited Warm Water Supply
Grohe Unlimited Warm Water Supply Unlimited warm water. Thanks for the Spalet's instant heating system you can enjoy constant, unlimited warm water for your complete comfort.
Feature Grohe LadyShower
Grohe LadyShower A seperate spray arm with different spray angle and a softer and wider spray pattern for cleaning the female intimate area, with adjustable temperature and strength for total comfort and gentle cleaning.
Feature Grohe HygieneClean
Grohe HygieneClean Outstanding hygiene features provide ultimate cleanliness. Combining our leading-edge anti-stick coating AquaCeramics and the hyperclean glaze the growth of 99.9% of germs, you can be confident that your ceramic will stay clean for 100 years.
Feature Grohe Smart Phone App
Grohe Smart Phone App Control your shower toilet and save your personal settings to your user profile for extra convenience via the Spalet app. Available for IOS or android smartphone systems.
Feature Grohe Side Control Panel
Grohe Side Control Panel Basic functions can also be controlled directly on the seat at your convenience.
Feature VC Allowance
VC Allowance Please give an allowance of 10mm (-/+) for all Vitreous China toilet dimensions.
Feature Design Award - Red Dot Design
Design Award - Red Dot Design Red Dot Design (2017)
Feature Design Award - Good Design
Design Award - Good Design Good Design
Feature Design Award
Design Award Green Good Design
Feature Design Award
Design Award Iconic (2016)
Feature Design Award
Design Award Iconic Interior Innovation (2017)
Feature Design Award
Design Award ZVSHK
Feature Design Award
Design Award Plus X Award (Best Product 2017 & Best Shower Toilet)
Feature Design Award
Design Award IF Product Design (2017)
Feature Design Award
Design Award Design For Asia (2016)
Feature Design Award
Design Award Good Design Japan
Feature Design Award
Design Award German Design Award Winner (2017)
Feature Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards
Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards GOLD WINNER Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards (2016)