Feature Patented Time of Flight CBS Sensor
Patented Time of Flight CBS Sensor Colour Background Suppression (CBS) provides an anti-glare sensor that reduces false detection as experienced with Infra-Red Technology.
Feature Low Voltage Time of Flight Sensor with Low Consumption Micro Valve
Low Voltage Time of Flight Sensor with Low Consumption Micro Valve With only 4x AA batteries, approximate use = 5 years @ 200 uses per day (batteries not supplied).
Feature Lead Free
Lead Free Seperated waterways ensure compliance to International Lead Free standards.
Feature 100% Electronic Certified
100% Electronic Certified Reliable sensors, high quality material, will not blind with age or be damaged with cleaning chemicals.
Feature Instant Flow
Instant Flow Water flow within 0.25 seconds from point of sensor activation (within 0.5 seconds if sensor is in sleep mode).
Feature Low Battery Warning
Low Battery Warning Sensor will flash if batteries are running low, plus battery failure auto stop with global certification.
Feature Water Proof
Water Proof All components from connectors to power supply are suitable for high humidity and wet environments.
Feature Flow Time
Flow Time Factory Set to 30 seconds.
Feature Vandal Resistant Design
Vandal Resistant Design No exposed moving or seperated parts.
Feature Easy Installation and Maintenance
Easy Installation and Maintenance The ultra compact micro valve is one piecce, making accessibility and maintenance a breeze.
Feature Ultra Compact Design
Ultra Compact Design Perfect for applicatons where space is limited.
Feature Anti Hammer
Anti Hammer Built in Anti Hammer. No requirement for calibration.
Feature Filter
Filter Filter supplied mandatory use.
Feature Plug In or Battery Powered
Plug In or Battery Powered Choose from either Plug In or Battery installation with both options provided, giving you maximum flexibility for installation.
Feature Mixed Use
Mixed Use Certified to use in multiple environments such as those with high temperature or high humidity. Voltage will remain stable regardless of temperature.
Feature Auto Shut Off Energy Reserve
Auto Shut Off Energy Reserve Energy reserved inside to detect main power outage and force closure of water in case of issues.
Feature Surge Protection
Surge Protection Protection Against surge 2KV and burst 4KV.
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee on Sensor, Valve, Battery Box, Parts and Labour.
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 2 Year Guarantee on Power Supply Pack.
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
Feature 6 Star WELS rating
6 Star WELS rating 4.5L/min