Feature Residential/Light Commercial Use
Residential/Light Commercial Use Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Hotels, Motels and Retirement Villages).
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 10 Year Guarantee
Feature Adjustable Aerator
Adjustable Aerator Provides an adjustable aerated water stream
Feature 4 Star WELS rating
4 Star WELS rating 7.5 litres per minute.
Feature Mains Pressure
Mains Pressure Suitable for Mains Pressure.
Feature DuraShine
DuraShine Shiny chrome finishing gives an enduring brilliance.
Feature Comfort Move
Comfort Move Smooth handle performance for optimal precision and comfort.
Feature Comfort Space
Comfort Space Ample space between spout and handle for ease of use.
Feature Eco Handle Faucet
Eco Handle Faucet Provides up to 30% energy savings
Feature Water Saving
Water Saving Water-saving for ecological and economical sense.