Feature Residential/Light Commercial
Residential/Light Commercial Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Motels, Hotels and Retirement Villages)
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 10 Year Guarantee* Terms & Conditions apply
Feature Dimensions
Dimensions 1010 (L) x 1010 (W) x 2015 (H)mm
Feature Rear Upstand
Rear Upstand 40mm rear upstand and interlocking side channels ensure water stays within the tray.
Feature Reinforced
Reinforced Trays are reinforced with timber and backed with fibreglass to ensure self supporting rigidity.
Feature Safety Lip
Safety Lip A 5mm Safety Lip on the front edge of the tray, creates more surface to silicone preventing leakage from under the door or extrusion.
Feature Smooth Door Rollers
Smooth Door Rollers Smooth running lockable stainless steel double top rollers and spring loaded double bottom rollers provide effortless Performance. Doors are also fitted with magnetic seals.
Feature Quick Fix System
Quick Fix System Easy adjustment with new patented locking technology eliminating the need for drilling holes and using fixing screws.
Feature Centre Waste
Centre Waste Centre waste option available.
Feature Moulded Wall
Moulded Wall Moulded Wall option available.
Feature Easy Clean
Easy Clean Easy Clean Design. Removable rollers and door seals also allow for easy cleaning.