Feature Residential/Light Commercial
Residential/Light Commercial Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Motels, Hotels and Retirement Villages)
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee on Coloured Finishes
Feature Mains Pressure
Mains Pressure Suitable for Mains Pressure.
Feature Flawless Finish
Flawless Finish Advanced plating provides a durable surface with a long lasting finish
Feature Smooth Flow
Smooth Flow Aerator reduces scaling while delivering a smooth even flow
Feature Electroplated (GUN METAL)
Electroplated (GUN METAL) Electrical current is used to dissolve components into Lacquer that then adhere to the surface.
Feature Blackened Oil Bronze (BLACK)
Blackened Oil Bronze (BLACK) Nickel plated parts go through a blackened oxidation process with a transparent liquid polymer sprayed on to achieve a mat finish and hardened surface.