Feature Residential/Light Commercial
Residential/Light Commercial Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Motels, Hotels and Retirement Villages)
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee on Coloured Finishes
Feature Mains Pressure
Mains Pressure Suitable for Mains Pressure.
Feature Flawless Finish
Flawless Finish Advanced plating provides a durable surface with a long lasting finish
Feature Smooth Flow
Smooth Flow Aerator reduces scaling while delivering a smooth even flow
Feature Chrome Plate
Chrome Plate A base of copper is first applied followed by a layer of nickel and then finally a hard gloss coating of chromium to achieve a shiny hard wearing finish.
Feature Blackened Oil Bronze: Black
Blackened Oil Bronze: Black Parts are firstly nickel plated then blackened oxidation process to apply the base colour. and a transparent liquid polymer is applied achieve a mat finish and hardened surface.