Feature apaiserMARBLE®
apaiserMARBLE® apaiserMARBLE is a luxurious high performing marble, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals and is made from up to 90% reclaimed marble.
Feature Hand Crafted
Hand Crafted Every piece of apaiser bathware is created by a team of highly experienced master craftsmen, who have perfected their trade over many years.
Feature Exceptional Thermal Properties
Exceptional Thermal Properties While retaining the sensual touch and luxurious feel of marble, apaiserMARBLE material delivers optimum strength, performance and is warm to touch with excellent heat retention.
Feature Safe and Natural
Safe and Natural apaiser bathware pieces contain minimal man-made ingredients, are non-toxic with no added silica and free from aluminum trihydrate (ATH), so you can enjoy a guilt-free soak in a beautiful, sustainable bath.
Feature Lighter than Natural Stone
Lighter than Natural Stone apaiserMARBLE is lighter than natural stone, while still delivering high performance and increased strength.
Feature Natural Slip Resistance
Natural Slip Resistance The reclaimed materials that make up apaiserMARBLE give the final products a natural slip resistance while maintaining the luxurious feel of marble.
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee - Outdoor Use
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
Feature Outdoor Use
Outdoor Use Can be installed inside or outdoors.
Feature Weight
Weight 24kg approx.