Feature Residential/Light Commercial
Residential/Light Commercial Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Motels, Hotels and Retirement Villages)
Feature Commercial Use
Commercial Use Suitable for commercial use.
Feature Guarantee
Guarantee 25 Year Guarantee
Feature Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting Exterior can be painted or personalised.
Feature Taphole
Taphole No Tap Hole
Feature Dimensions
Dimensions 480 (L) x 301 (W) x 120 (H)mm
Feature Outdoor Use
Outdoor Use Can be installed inside or outdoors.
Feature Quarrycast
Quarrycast QUARRYCAST® material is made from a finely ground volcanic limestone and resin mix. 100% one piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties.
Feature Weight
Weight 5KG
Feature Made in South Africa
Made in South Africa
Feature British owned and operated
British owned and operated