The breathtaking AQUASYMPHONY by GROHE

Monday 20 August 2018
The breathtaking AQUASYMPHONY by GROHE

 Imagine you could start each and every day with an excursion into paradise. AquaSymphony by GROHE lets you escape for a moment and step into another world: a world where the interplay of water exhilarates and renews you, bathing you in softly coloured light and soothing you with relaxing sounds. Become part of a composition that inspires all the senses – the symphony of showering.

Don’t be in a hurry to turn the page. Just pause for a moment and be entranced. AquaSymphony is not a shower – it’s a wellness zone, a place where water takes on a life of its own. AquaSymphony plays with water, creating ever-changing liquid harmonies. Just imagine the pleasure that awaits you.

Compose your own water music. AquaSymphony orchestrates water. In all its wonderful shapes and forms. As delicate as a sea mist. As invigorating as a waterfall. Yours to enjoy in a hundred different ways.

Rain Sprays

This is the rain spray. close your eyes. gentle warm summer rain descends in soft droplets. can you feel it? how it cleanses your mind as it cleanses your body, creating a moment of meditation. The new enhanced rain spray delivers larger and softer droplets for a luxurious shower feel

Aqua Curtain 

 Escape behind the aquacurtain, a fragile veil of pure water that envelops you, drawing you into a dreamlike dimension. The new enhanced rain spray delivers larger and softer droplets for a luxurious shower feel.

 Waterfall XL Spray

Let this opulent cascade of water pour over you, washing away the day and leaving you refreshed and exhilarated. An extra-wide water outlet recreates the exhilarating impression of a waterfall.

Drizzle Sprays

 Like a fresh sea breeze, the drizzle spray breathes new life into you. The cool fine mist wafts gently over your skin, enlivening and rejuvenating you. The drizzle sprays breathe a fresh, light mist over the skin, cooling and reviving

Bokoma Sprays

Wash off the day. Ease your muscles. Lean back and let the pulsating Bokoma sprays get to work – treating you to the tension-relieving sensation of a fingertip massage. Eight dynamic, pulsating spray nozzles deliver the sensation of a stimulating massage.

 Pure Spray

Or perhaps you prefer the pure spray: a soft gentle stream that rinses away stress like a clear mountain spring. The name alone says it all. A soft stream of pure water that falls straight from the centre of the showerhead – like a fresh mountain spring.

Intelligent and intuitive - Intricate play of light and colour.

One ingenious App to conduct a perfect ensemble. Download the GROHE SPA App which allows for perfect control of light, sound and steam. Let the performance begin!

What mood are you in? A blue mood? Or more of a rainbow coloured one? Our light curtain surrounds you with an array of colour, creating a backdrop that inspires your senses and enhances your feeling of well-being with soothing chromatic effects to match your mood.