Introducing American Standard’s NEW EasySET Exposed

Tuesday 27 August 2019
Introducing American Standard’s NEW EasySET Exposed

Showering Redefined

he latest auto temperature mixer by American Standard, the EasySET Mixer maintains the perfect balance of hot and cold water based on the user’s pre-set temperature. It will react within a fraction of a second to any changes in water pressure or temperature, automatically re-adjusting the ratio of hot and cold water so your water temperature stays consistent throughout the entire shower.


Imagine a rejuvenating shower experience as intuitive and simple as breathing. From the cascading water of the Rainshower to the invigorating Hand Shower, all activated individually with a simple push of a button.



Be in total control of both the temperature and volume of the water to create your own perfect shower. From a stronger flow of water to ease muscle tensions or a more sensuous flow for the relaxing spa-like pampering. All with an easy turn of the dial.


With bathroom spaces getting smaller, the last thing you want is to clutter your walls with racks you can do without.

With EasySET Exposed, not only does it look stylish, you will love the extra space on the mixer to keep toiletries and other accessories within reach. Plus, it is cleverly designed to drain off excess water from the mixer and comes with side hooks to hang loofahs and bath sponges.

All thoughtfully designed for your comfort and convenience.