Elementi bathroom vanities just got tougher!

Thursday 01 January 1970
Elementi bathroom vanities just got tougher!

Elementi have just upped their bathroom vanities game! Elementi have introduced a new material to the tops of their bathroom vanities in the Terina and Rubi ranges. The HI-MACS® material has a number of benefits not least that it provides a much stronger and more durable finish to those bathroom vanities, helping them stand up to the day to day wear and tear and helping to keep them blemish free. Here are some of the other great benefits of HI-MACS®.

Benefits of HI-MACS®


With easy-to-care and repairable properties, no matter if it's a scratch, stain or crack, HI-MACS® can be restored to its original state by a certified professional.


HI-MACS® supports greener earth by using sustainable material, an eco-friendly manufacturing process and recycling at the end of its life-cycle.


Stronger surface with durability similar to that of natural stone - HI-MACS® stands up to everyday scratches. Should you accidentally inflict a deeper scratch or surface impression, a trained professional can easily resurface your HI-MACS® thanks to its sealant-free consistency.

Fire resistant

Backed up with numerous certificates that attest of its fire resistance, HI-MACS® is ideal for places where security is the number one criteria of choice.


Thanks to its impermeability to dirt, bacteria, viruses and countless chemicals, HI-MACS® is the ideal material for the hospital, medical practice or laboratory. And for all other areas where hygiene really counts.

Water resistant

Thanks to its non-porous surface HI-MACS® is suitable for humid areas where moisture can form, such as wet rooms and bathrooms.

Simple processing

Although HI-MACS® is almost as robust as stone, it can be worked in the same way as wood. Using conventional carpenter's tools, this solid surface material can be sawn, routed or drilled.

Seamless perfection

HI-MACS® allows for visually seamless manipulation. Smooth integration enables large areas without joints or edges as well as flush mounting of sinks or bowls.

Our bathroom vanities

The addition of HI-MACS® to the top of our bathroom vanities in the Terina and Rubi ranges means not only do we now have a great choice of bathroom vanities with different styles and finishes, we also have something which is built to last. Make sure you check out the five Elementi bathroom vanities which feature HI-MACS® when you are planning your new bathroom design:

Elementi Terina

Elementi Rubi