Double Vortex Flushing Technology Maximum Performance, Minimum Water Usage

Wednesday 11 May 2016
Double Vortex Flushing Technology Maximum Performance, Minimum Water Usage

An incredibly powerful Vortex whirlpool flush using less water...

NEW Double Vortex Flushing System

Unlike other toilets, The Double Vortex system flushes 100% of the water at once through two water openings positioned at the top of the bowl, creating two powerful whirlpools that flush waste away while cleaning the entire surface of the ceramic bowl leaving nothing behind. 

Impressive water savings

Despite its power, this improved flush also boasts a lower water consumption with 4 litres for full flush and only 2.6 litres of water for half flush. This water saving equates to approximately 22,776 litres of water saved in a year for a family of 4.

Calculation criterion is as follows. Average family number: four people. Average usage number of times: five times/per person per day (full-flush: one time, half-flush: four times). Water savings is based on conventional Single Flush Toilets versus Double Vortex.

Total hygiene protection

Ideal Standard’s anti-bacterial finish covers all essential touch points, including the push button, seat and cover, to provide an ultimate hygienic environment by effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Proguard ceramic surface protection

All Acacia Evolution toilets come equipped with Proguard that inhibits the build-up of water stains making cleaning a breeze. Water stains on ceramic wares are often caused by silica. Silica, which occurs naturally in water, bonds chemically with ceramic surfaces thereby causing water stains. Proguard, which is applied to the ceramics, prevents silica in the water from adhering to the surface.

Easy Clean rimless design

The Double Vortex rimless design makes it easy to clean as no dirt can accumulate over time unlike traditional toilets that have many small rim holes that causes stains on the surface of the bowl.

Acacia Evolution

“Excellent design is no longer just about aesthetics. Today, designers require the foresight to construct sustainable living environments for future generations while catering for various lifestyle needs” 

Khumtong Jansuwan / Chief Designer

Acacia Evolution Toilets are available in back to wall, close coupled and monoblock as well as wall and floor pan options.